AWOL Offense

August 16, 2007

Yes, where has the o-ffense gone?  The last two nights it is missing, or ill (low pulse), or on vacation or whatever.  AWOL is another way of putting it.

I checked the clubhouse this afternoon to make sure the bats weren’t left behind on Monday when the equipment truck headed south on I-95 for Washington, DC.   

The game of baseball can be a game of streaks.  Right now, our streak is not putting runs on the board, which is totally uncharacteristic of this club.  We don’t lead the league in runs scored by accident, especially after 119 games.  The pitching has been consistently good and that’s utterly important.

But, right now the hitters are unstreaking, if there is such a word.  Cool is the temperature of many hitters.  Yes, we are missing Chase Utley and Shane Victorino but there’s nothing that can be done until they are healthy to return. 

Despite the missing offense, a win tonight means two wins out of three and that is the formula we need to follow.  Game #120 shouldn’t be a must win game but it is.

Perhaps Charlie Manuel needs to drastically change the lineup and have Cole Hamels bat first.  What do you think?

PS: The support of Phillies fans in DC has been great.  It is noticed and appreciated.


Maybe Charlie can pull a Billy Martin and pull the lineup out of a hat. It worked for the Yankees in ’77.

While the recent drought is a concern (only nine hits against the Nats pitching staff?), the bullpen has been solid. If the pitching can stay strong until the lineup re-finds their groove I think we’ll be okay. At least I hope we’ll be okay.

The top of the 7th killed me last night. I hop we don’t see a repeat performance.

Easy. I slump does not consist of only two games. You can say that some of our guys are in a slump. The pitching is great and thats what I care about. Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins are the keys. They both need to be more patient and take more pitches that are out of the strike zone. Even when Chase Utley comes back, he will need a couple of weeks to get back to normal. And thats if all goes well.
Remember, the last two seasons we were farther behind than we are know and made it close. We are more experienced this season. Plus, we are better than the Padres, Braves, and even the stinking Mets. Fellow Phillies, please be more optimistic, this is our year.

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