Moyer on Hill

August 12, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup
Rollins, ss; Iguchi, 2b; Burrell, lf; Howard, 1b; Rowand, cf; Werth, rf; Ruiz, c; Nunez, 3b; Moyer, p.

Abraham Nunez gets the nod at third base tonigh for the 8:05 ESPN national telecast.  With Jamie Moyer specializing in off-speed pitches, Charlie Manuel went for leather at third base.  Right-handed hitters will tend to pull the change-of-speed pitches.  Nunez and Jimmy Rollins give the Phillies a strong defensive left side of the infield.

For a moment last night, it looked as if the Phillies would grab their 34th come-from-behind win.  They lead the NL while Seattle is tops in the AL with 34.

But, we felt short.

Adam Eaton is scuffling right now.  Hitters go into funks and so do pitchers.  Over a 162-game journey there will be potholes in the road.

Tonight we roll out our secret weapon: Citizens Bank Park Sunday baseball.  Since the park opened three years ago, the Phillies are 38-11 on Sundays.

Script Change
Alumni Night was to be primarily an introduction of former Phillies players on the field.  I had written the script and everything was ready to roll and then came a huge curve ball, the script was changed and I was in it.

I was somewhat surprised but not totally.  Frank Lucchesi called on Thursday to tell me he couldn’t be here for my special night on Saturday.  Clue No. 1.  When I saw Danny Ozark yesterday, it was clue No. 2.  He wasn’t on my script.  Larry Christenson told me when he arrived last night that Timmy McCarver was sorry he couldn’t be here for my special night.  Clue No. 3.  When Harry Kalas grabbed the microphone, that was the final clue.  He wasn’t part of my script either.

It was an overwhelming experience, something I will never forget.  Being out at home plate with my family was so very special. 

The whole thing seems like a distant blur today. 

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