Bonds Did It

I didn’t stay up to see #756.  I did catch 755 live last week on TV.  But, last night, the heat had taken the gas out of me and I packed it in before the 11 o’clock news.  So, it was left for my wife to write me a note I’d see this morning on the kitchen table, “Barry did it!”

Yes, Barry Bonds did it.  The top three all-time home run hitters are now initialed as BAR.  There are those who think that Barry should be barred from holding the record. 

I thought Bob Ford summed it up in his Philadelphia Inquirer column this a.m., “…a player who has never tested positive for anything but surliness.”

There’s been a ton of words written about Barry and the alleged steroids use.  Controversy sells newspapers and fills airways.  Until proven differently, he’s innocent. 

Yes, he is surly.  If we faced all the media scrutiny he has, we might be surly too.

One thing no one can deny, the man can hit.  Next for him is 3,000 hits.  He’s 85 away from that historic level.  His next double will be number 600.   

From watching the replays and reading the papers today, the Giants did a great job in handling the historic moment.  Bonds’ comments were perfect.  Hank Aaron’s taped comments were awesome.  Commissioner Bud Selig, who always seems to get criticized, called Bonds after the game and Barry acknowledged appreciation.

Bonds, Aaron and Babe Ruth played during different eras.  There were fewer pitchers when Aaron and Ruth played so, in theory, they faced better quality pitching.

But, Bonds played in the era of bullpen specialists.   It seems normal that a starting pitcher goes five innings and is followed by four others who work one inning each.  In theory, Bonds faced as many pitchers in one game as Ruth did in five days. 

Ruth played in an era when there were Sunday doubleheaders, days off on Monday, more day games and a road trip on a train.  The farthest west he went was St. Louis or Chicago.

Bonds’ era includes a night game in New York, a jet ride west for a night game in San Francisco the next day. 

In the end, Bonds set a record, one of the most revered records in all sports.  Heck, records in football can’t come close to baseball records.

The massive fanfare about the record once again proves that baseball is still the national pastime and not past its time like some people say. 

People will remember last night even if they slept through the historic occasion.


Less than 30 minutes ago Barry Bonds broke Hank Aaron’s all time home run record in baseball. This would naturally be a great thing for the game, if it had been done naturally. A year ago every sports commentator and every news outlet in America, except in that messed up city called San Francisco was bashing Bonds for being a CHEATER, LIAR and a SELF CENTERED JERK. Now all of a sudden with every homerun that got this roid head a little bit closer to history, these same people that once bashed him are excepting him as baseball’s greatest.

Barry Bonds is no Hank Aaron, he never will be. I read a column in the paper stating that Mr. Aaron was wrong for not attending Bond’s record tying/breaking games, because Hank should know the hard times Barry is going through to get to this record. Well let me say Hank Aaron was born Black, he did nothing but be a great ball player and an ambassador for this great game. Bonds on the otherhand was not born with a needle in his butt. He brought this upon himself and he does not deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Mr Aaron.

Today, American Society tends to give all the wrong people too much attention. Why are we so fascinated with the Paris Hiltons’ Lindsay Lohans’ and the rest of the cast from the Surreal Life. People defend today’s music by saying it is their first Amendment right to express themselves. Well I doubt our founding fathers meant for their words to be misrepresented in this way, calling women *******, ho’s, and *****, promoting violence on one another. But I guess it makes for good ratings, right?

As long as WWE is still selling out arenas across the country, they shouldn’t worry about their wrestlers killing their family and hanging themselves, should they?

OJ Simpson, still to this day receives an undue amount of attention. He only killed his ex-wife and her friend. To some he’s a killer and to others, he’s the hero that beat the system.

Football players today fail performance enhancing drug test on a consistent basis, but yet when that attention goes away, they are looked at as the best in their sport, EXAMPLES: Julius Peppers, Shawn Merriman.

Maybe we should just change Right to Wrong, and wrong to right. Maybe this way the kids that look up to these larger than life celebrities will start imitating the people that do things the right way.

Bret Bottin

When an athlete reaches a certain level of performance, they always have the need to remain at that standard. In sports, or any other business employees usually will do whatever it takes to keep them secure and productive in their jobs. Athletes at the highest levels need to push the envelope and seek that edge over the competition otherwise their livelyhood is taken away and the income isn’t produced. In fact, those players that use the enhancers are benefiting the ones that don’t. They set the market value. Ever wonder why players don’t complain? Sure, its a “silent code” to say the standard quote, but those same players won’t upset the monetary apple-cart. It’s a cheating world, in corporate CEO offices that communicate code-of-conduct and ethics to their employees, while they sneak out the backdoor with grotesque bonuses; the educators in school systems that are driven by high test scores for federal and state grants, look the other way as test answers are given out; the small businesses that hire illegals to reduce overhead; the shops that cut costs by using sub-standard equipment and parts. Cheating is a cancerous entity, yet has been around for centuries. Does Barry Bonds and his home-run title mean anything? Overall, not a drop in the events of the world. When millions are slaughtered in the name of democracy and freedom; when genocide exists as a result of tribal intolerances and cultural racism; when pollution is suffocating and destroying the natural course of events, Barry’s title is obviously insignificant if compared.

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