Savery Aboard

July 19, 2007

Joe Savery is now a Phillie, well, technically a member of the Williamsport Crosscutters, our team in the short-season New York-Penn League.

He was a two-way star at Rice University, pitcher and first baseman.  With the Phillies he’ll pitch.

Matter of fact, he was quite a high school athlete at Lamar in Houston.  Career numbers there: 20 homers, 24-5 record.  He was a first-team all-district quarterback and punter, 1,950 total yards and 23 touchdown passes.

Savery joins Larry Christenson, Larry Andersen and Kyle Kendrick who were quarterbacks-pitchers in high school.

When he puts on a Crosscutters uniform jersey, he will be wearing a different uniform number than he wore at Rice, #20.  While getting a tour of the Hall of Fame Club at Citizens Bank Park, Joe noticed a painting of Mike Schmidt.  “Guess I won’t be wearing number 20,” he laughed. Scouting Report 

Hoops Anyone?
At 6-foot-3 Savery is one of four who will have to be the point guard on the Crosscutters basketball team:

RHP Chance Chapman (6’4”)
RHP Drew Naylor (6’4”)
RHP Carlos Pena (6’4”)
RHP Joe Rocchio (6’4”)
1B Michael Durant (6’5”)
1B Matt Rizzotti (6’5”)
OF Dominic Brown (6’5”)
OF Michael Taylor (6’6”)
RHP Paige Dumont (6’8”)
RHP Matt German (6’8”)

One of the 6-foot-3 athletes is 18-year-old OF D’Arby Myers.  His cousin is Shaquille O’Neal.  Do you think Shaq can make this team?

1 Comment

Good to see him signed!

Savery is a talent with a big ceiling (though one of the short guys on the Crosscutters). I look forward to seeing him pitch in the bigs in a few years…

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