Feast or Famine

July 18, 2007

Since the second half of the season has started, it has been all or nothing for the Phillies.  They’ve won three laughers and lost two nightmares.

Sixth-three hits produced 38 runs over the three victories.  The two debits: 5 runs on 16 hits.

As mentioned earlier, this trip has the Phillies facing the # 1 and 2 pitching staffs in the NL, San Diego and Los Angeles.  After last night, the Phillies, leaders in runs scored in the NL, took over the top spot with a .277 team average.

Seemed strange seeing Mike Lieberthal in a Dodger uniform.  His catching, batting stance and swing are the same but the uniform made him look so different.  When his playing days are over, he certainly is a candidate for the Phillies Wall of Fame at Citizens Bank Park.

Burrell Milestone
Last night Pat hit his 200th home run, making him the seventh in club history to reach that milestone:  Mike Schmidt (548), Del Ennis (259), Chuck Klein (243), Greg Luzinski (223), Cy Williams (217) and **** Allen (204).

Pat has been getting heat because of his performance. Nobody wants to succeed and win as much as Pat. 

When I was a kid, fans always seemed to be on Del Ennis, who was a slugger and run-producer like Pat.

TV Twice
This afternoon’s game is live on Comcast SportsNet and will be aired again on that network at 7 o’clock tonight. 

The Phillies and CSN are going to be replaying five other afternoon games at night: July 26 (Nationals), August 2 (at Cubs), August 23 (Dodgers), August 30 (Metws) and September 5 (at Atlanta).

“Ratings for Phillies’ games on Comcast SportsNet this year are up 13%  from 2006, so the demand for our games on TV is strong.  Re-broadcasting these games in prime time makes sense as an added service to our fans,” explained David Buck, Senior Vice President Marketing and Advertising Sales.

Who’s Hot?
Who’s hot in the Phillies minor league system?  Check out the weekly report:

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