Closing the Book

July 17, 2007

Thanks to those who took the time to comment on the 10,000 loss milestone blog. 

Phillies fans do have passion and that is appreciated. Sometimes that passion comes in the form of “booooo” but it is passion.

One person mentioned bleeding Phillies red.  Tommy Lasorda is always blowing off about bleeding Dodger blue.  I once told him, “Tommy, I guarantee you will bleed Phillies red and not Dodger blue when you cut your finger.”

Another reader lamented the lack of being in the playoffs.  Well, we share those feelings.  We are as frustrated as you are.

Another reader referred to the blog as “Finally, some uplifting news.” Yet, another reader questioned some of the points that were raised, which is fine.  This reader admitted he had to vent.  That is fine, too.  We all need to vent.

I was just trying to offer a different perspective than the jolly news media.

Another basically said the heck with 10,000 and the past.  That person is right on.  The book is now closed!


need to get a win tonight before we face Billingsley and then the Padres for 4…not looking like its gonna be a good west coast trip…

Last night (07/16/07) was not a good start at all to a very tough road trip. Will will be buyers or sellers by the time we get back to the east coast…..

Jason – Altoona, PA

Phillies management’s slogan “We’re frustrated too.”

That’s code for we don’t know what we’re doing and I really shouldn’t be doing this job.

When you hear that you realize there is no hope. I feel especially bad for Chase Utley and the rest of the positional players who don’t deserve management with this attitude. It’s sad. Chase Utley deserves a new management team. He doesn’t deserve this management team’s inability.

And no one is going to side against Chase Utley when he expresses his frustration with losers like this group like the Scott Rolen deal.

It always amazes me that fans actually believe that they know all the intricate details, thoughts and motives concerning ANY sport and the daily operations of whatever club they follow.

First, they treat trades and players as if they were fantasy players, or Strat-O-Matic cards: able to be traded and shuffled anywhere. Do these fans ever think that players are human? With families, responsibilities, bills, etc? What if regular companies played by the rules that fans think should happen?

“Well, Tom…we’ve traded you to the Billings, Montana facility for an administrative assistant and three skids of packing tape. You’ll report Monday at 8AM.”

And if one listens to WFAN…you’d think that every athlete has to play there.

A typical NY fan trade:

“We’ll give Schoenweiss to Houston for Oswalt.”

Obviously, NY is a Oz unto itself and its fan base borders on delirium.

Contracts are loaded with minute details that fans can’t comprehend; there are(as in any business) behind the scene winks & smiles that

organizations use to great effect to market the product; players talk, administrators talk off the record and fans that think they know better that the ones who deal with these subjects everyday are lost in space.

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