Heading West

July 15, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup
Rollins, ss; Victorino, rf; Utley, 2b; Howard, 1b; Rowand, cf; Burrell, lf; Dobbs, 3b; Barajas, c; Eaton, p.

Why 6:05?
ESPN’s Sunday night telecasts normally begin at 8:05.  Because of the ESPY Show on ESPN tonight, the game was moved up to 6:05 p.m.

It actually helps the Phillies who will leave after the game for a seven-game series in southern California, three in Los Angeles and then four in San Diego, the top two teams in the NL West.

The Phillies charter flight is scheduled to land in LA at 1:15 p.m. (PDT). 

Vs. the West
So far, the Phillies are 6-11 against the West after going 19-13 a year ago.  It will be a tough trip.  The Padres have the lowest ERA in the NL (3.16) and the Dodgers are second (3.80).  Offensively, the Dodgers are second in team batting, the Padres last.

The Dodgers and Padres make their Philly visit in August, 21 through 26.

Welcome, Old Friend
Readers are starting to offer comments to this blog.  An old friend even got into the act, former Phillies right fielder Glenn Wilson.  Great to hear from Glenbo.


I am very glad I stumbled on to this blog. Keep up the good work Larry!

As I write this, we move into a new era. The Phillies are losing, 9-0, against the Cardinals… and that 10,000th loss will finally be realized. Then again, sooner or later, ALL teams will reach that. We just did it first!

Yet for all the lamentations, look at the 1883 Philadelphia Quakers — our first year in the National League. Their starting pitcher, John Coleman, won 12 games… and lost 48 games. Now there is a record you’ll never see again.

Le’t look forward to a strong SECOND half. Larry, welcome back from the beach — we trust your bronzed body enjoyed its respite from the daily grind!


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