Thanks, Fans

July 12, 2007

Hello Again!

Back from a brief break and ready for the second half.  There was a flury of responses to the previous edition of Phillies Insider and that’s great. 

2-4 on the last road trip could have been completely turned around except for a missed umpire call and an inconsistent bullpen.

First base umpire Lance Barksdale made a bad call on a game-ending double play that would have given the Phillies a win. Please be aware that umpires are reviewed annually.  Supervisors also attend many games checking out the quality of umpiring. Umpires are human and we all know humans make errors.  I agree with one of the readers that instant replay doesn’t belong in baseball.  There’s nothing more boring in an exciting football game than a break for instant replay. 

Bigger than the 2-4 record was the Phillies humanitarian display of helping the Rockies struggling ground crew during Sunday’s frightening rain delay.   The wind-blown tarp was a lethal weapon and thanks to the Phillies, potential injuries or worse was avoided.  It was the most amazing thing I’ve seen on a baseball field. 

Seeing the replays over and over made the rescue even more meaningful. 

We received numerous e-mails and letters from proud Phillies fans around the world. 

Among the comments:
**“Class act.”
**“Fan for life after seeing that.”
**“Proud to be a Phillies fan.”
**“I will now always root for the Phillies unless they are playing my favorite team.”
**“I am a very casual sports watcher, but I just felt compelled to write and say that I have never felt more proud of a hometown team than I do right now.”
**“When the team ran on to help the crew with that tarp, I got chills.”
**“I was very touched.”
**“To come to the aid of others is what is really is all about.  Their actions gave me more reason to stand by my team.”

To all of the fans who reached out to the team, we thank you very much.  We welcome fan feedback.

Finally, one of the readers offered some “reasonable items” and some “unreasonable items” (personnel moves).  Yes, one or two quality bullpen horses is a “reasonable item.”  Unfortunately, it may not be realistic.  There just aren’t bullpen horses available.  More about the search for pitching at a later date this month.


The Phillies helping with the tarp was a real class act. It’s something you don’t see enough so it was refreshing was nice to see.

Bullpen arms are looking scarce, but if the Phils could land one it would be tremendous. Solomon Torres would be a nice upgrade over Jose Mesa…

Going to the game on Saturday. First time at Citzen’s Bank Park. Looking forward to it!

Another bullpen possibility is Jason Davis. He has been designated for assignment by Seattle because of a numbers crunch. He has a real good arm and last year with Cleveland had an ERA in the mid 3’s

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