On Break

July 3, 2007

The combination of the July 4 holiday, the team being on the road and next week’s four-day All-Star Game break is giving PHILLIES INSIDER a break.   I’m going to attempt to bronze this beefy body at the beach.  (Sorry, pictures will not be available).


I would like to know if their is any method that would hold the umpires to a degreeeof accountability equal to those of the players, i.e. poor job back to the minors.
The recent call by Lance Barksdale in Houston Tuesday not only cost the Phillies the win but extend an already thin pen even thinner.

A remedy MUST be established to hold these officals accountable as all officials are to be held. NOTE: Mike Nifong DA Durham county NC Thank you Larry Murphy

I hope you enjoy your time off Larry.


The “human” element in sports has vanished with replays and computer technology. Even though baseball umpires miss calls, it’s better than sitting through a twenty minute referee decision. Hmmm… Tom Brady’s “Fumble” but wait he “tucked” the ball away?? Even with replay, there has to be a subjective call based on a viewed image.
Keep replays out of baseball. Sports are becoming micro-managed as it is.

I think that yesterday’s performance during the rain delay shows that the Phillies
are a true team in every sense of the word and have no ego’s and a sense that they appricate all those involved in keeping the game going.

Howard,Utley and the rest all showed they care more than just about baseball

Trading this month? I hope that the Phillies can secure some reasonable items:
(1)one or two quality bullpen horses that can shut the opposition down instead of letting the gravy flood the plate.

(2) Unreasonable items:

obtaining Dontrelle Willis, a power-hitting thirdbaseman, or take a chance with Brad Lidge.

(3) Is Pat The Forgotten Bat ready to end his tenure in Philly? He’d love it in Yankee-land. They spend the money, and they do need another righthanded power hitter. Or maybe Boston. I’m sure he’d like to take some shots at the Green Monster and with Ortiz not hitting like he should, maybe Pat Burrell is the answer.

(4) Will Davey Lopes be the next manager? Manuel seems to be doing his best, but perhaps there are players who aren’t reponding to his style.

I live in Northern NJ and have been a die hard Phillies fan since 1954. I will be in Ohio in mid-August and on the way home was hoping to see the Phillies play in Pittsburgh on Friday August 17, but am unable to obtain 2 tickets together from the Pirates website. Is there any possibility of buying 2 tickets from the Phillies?

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