All-Star Trio

July 2, 2007

This is the third consecutive year the Phillies have three players on the NL All-Star team. 

How were Chase Utley, Cole Hamels and Aaron Rowand informed of their honors?

Major League Baseball calls each General Manager, who notifies the players just prior to yesterday’s game time.  Frank Coppenbarger, Director of Team Travel and Clubhouse Services, then presents each player with an All-Star Game packet explaining transportation, hotel, tickets, hospitality events, etc.

Chase, Cole and Aaron will head for San Francisco after Sunday’s game in Denver, while the rest of the team scatters for a four-day break.

Chase is the first Phillies second baseman to be a starter twice.  Other Phillies starters at that position: Emil Verban (1947), Granny Hamner (1954), Manny Trillo (1982) and Mariano Duncan (1994).

The Phillies surpassed 116 million in attendance since 1883 with yesterday’s sellout . . . The win boosted the Phillies’ Sunday record at Citizens Bank Park to 37-10 . . . Shane Victorino has stolen 23 consecutive bases, 12 shy of Jimmy Rollins’ club record set in 2001 . . . Chase Utley hit .400 during the homestand; Gregg Dobbs, .391 . . . When scoring 3 or more runs, the Phillies are 41-18; 3 or less, just 1-21 . . . Phillies are in Houston to start a three-game series tonight. The Astros are 20-19 at home; the Phillies 20-19 on the road.  Something has to give.

Clubhouse Scene
What is the scene in the Phillies clubhouse post-game? 

Under Major League Baseball rules, the clubhouse is opened to the media 10 minutes after the last out.  First, Charlie Manuel goes to the Media Room to answer questions.  The herd of media then heads for the clubhouse.

Yesterday, there 52 media members, ranging from writers to TV crews to radio reporters.  Kyle Kendrick, the starter and winner, is made available in the middle of the clubhouse.  With the volume of media it is more convenient for Kyle, the media and Kyle’s locker mates, to do it in the middle.

After he was finished, All-Star Cole Hamels took center stage.  A few followed Kyle to his locker for more questions, Shane Victorino had radio types taping an interview, Gregg Dobbs was at his locker with a small group of media, Chase Utley showered and then faced the mass at this locker (he did a few waves of media), a handful gathered around Ryan Howard, two reporters were chatting with Jamie Moyer and Aaron Rowand wrapped up the media session with another center stage interview. 

Meanwhile, clubhouse workers are carrying player equipment bags, bags of bats, bags of batting helps, medical supplies, and other equipment to a truck which will take it to the airport.  Over three and one-half tons of equipment and personal luggage is norm.

“Bus 5:20” was posted on the eraser board in the middle of the clubhouse.  Frank Coppenbarger, the Town Crier, came through the clubhouse and reminded everyone “five more minutes for the bus.”  When the bus departure is listed as 5:20, that’s when the bus leaves, not a minute earlier or a minute later. 

Kendrick had taken some treatment in the trainer’s room and hustled to make the bus, following Frank out the door. 

The itinerary: two buses to carry the traveling party to a Delta charter airplane, a 3 hour-30 minute flight to Houston and another bus ride to the hotel.  Another game tonight.


It’s a shame Rollins didn’t get the nod. He’s a catylist, leading the league in runs, and is in the top 5 in most NL offensive stats for a shortstop.

I enjoyed reading about the clubhouse scene, thanks.

I’m a new baseball fan. Do you know of a readable book about baseball stratagy?

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