Tough Loss

June 18, 2007

On The Road
The Phillies left after yesterday’s game for Cleveland where they will meet the Indians in a three, night-game series starting tonight.  It is the final interleague series of 2007.  The Phillies and Tribe met one other time five years ago.  The Phillies won two of three at Jacobs Field.

The Indians are in first place and second in the AL in runs scored.  The Tigers are in second place in the same division and lead the AL in runs scored.

Tough Loss
Yes, yesterday’s game was a tough defeat.  During the five-run seventh, the Tigers used pinch hitters Carlos Guillen and Gary Sheffield.  Combined, they carried 26 homers and 88 RBI to the plate.  That’s pretty powerful.

Yes, the bullpen didn’t hold the lead.  We can cry in our beer (milk) with Baltimore fans.  They just finished a 1-8 homestand in which the pen was 0-5.  The Orioles spent $42 million in upgrading the pen last winter. Word of advice to young athletes: be a pitcher.

Or, be an umpire.  I don’t like to get on umpires because I certainly couldn’t do that job but yesterday was pretty weak.  When Phillies’ radio voice Scott Franzke wrapped up the Tigers’ seventh inning, he said, “1 run, 3 hits, no errors, 2 left on base and 3 ejections.”

Sox Blog
Scott Reifert, VP of Communications for the White Sox, writers a blog on that site, “Inside the White Sox.”  Scott was here for the first two games last week and wrote about his day in Philly. A ton of fans responded to his blog of a week ago.  Here are a couple of excerpts from White Sox fans and their impressions of Citizens Bank Park:

“Went to the game last night with my 4 year old…it was the first time to Citizens Bank and I have to say it was a great ballpark. Good food, great sightlines, and despite our Sox apparel, the Phillies fans were very nice. There were quite a lot of Sox fans in the crowd and a ton of Thome and Rowand jerseys (both Phillies and Sox).”

“Citizen’s Bank Park is a beautiful facility, as it should be for a place that’s 3+ years old. There’s too much to say to include it all here, but if you’re visiting the ballparks, it definitely is one to see.”

“You’ll like it, lots to see at the park, which is situated oddly in the middle of nowhere. They have player statues in and outside the park, but they are larger than life. I prefer the USCF life-size ones in the concourse. The outfield has a decade-by-decade history of baseball in Philadelphia that’s pretty detailed. I’d like to see the White Sox do something similar.
“Be sure to visit Greg Luzinski in the right-field corner. He has a BBQ restaurant there and was around for the game we were at. Close by there are "crab fries," which my dad and I thought were actual pieces of crab, but were a little embarrassed to discover were just french fries. Tons of cheesesteak stuff if you’re so inclined.”

All-Star Voting
Online balloting ends at midnight

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