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May 18, 2007

Tonight’s Lineup
Rowand, cf; Victorino, rf; Rollins, ss; Utley, 2b; Burrell, lf; Dobbs, 1b; Helms, 3b; Ruiz, c; Lieber, p.

Scattered and brief light showers are on tap for this evening and tomorrow.  We expect to play both games as scheduled (7:05).  Ashburn Alley opens at 4:35 p.m. today; all other gates, 5:35 p.m.

Expensive Trip
There have been some instances in which fans have run on to the field during games.  Here’s what fans receive for such foolish acts: a ride in a police car to a police station where they are arrested, bail, a criminal record, a maximum $2,500 fine, up to a year of time in jail for each of three separate charges and the need to hire and pay a lawyer.  Pretty expensive for being foolish.

Phillies are 17-11 since starting 3-10 . . . In their last 34 games vs. the NL Central, they are 24-10 . . . Chase Utley’s May 10 bowling tourney raised $150,000 for Philadelphia Futures . . . 262,870 hot dogs have donated their lives to the Hatfield Phillies Franks Dollar Dog promotions this season. 

We Have a Winner
Bob Schaumann of Amherst, NH, a transplanted Philadelphian and New Hampshire’s No. 1 Phillies fan, is the winner of yesterday’s Trivia Question: Who was the winning pitcher in the Phillies first interleague game 10 years ago.  Schaumann’s response (Wayne Gomes) was the first one posted and a Cole Hamels autographed baseball is on the way.

Gomes, making his major league debut, pitched a scoreless seventh inning and the Phillies scored two in the bottom of the seventh for an eventual 4-3 win over Toronto at Veterans Stadium.

Five players who were in that game on June 13, 1997 are still playing: Carlos Delgado, Scott Rolen, Mike Lieberthal, Curt Schilling and Woody Williams.

Chipper Jones of the Atlanta Braves doesn’t care for interleague play.  Says it isn’t fair.  He’ll be facing the Red Sox six times, the Twins, Indians and Tigers, three times each. 

To me, Interleague Play creates a new spark during the season.  What are your thoughts?


Hi Larry. With the Blue Jays in town this weekend, I’m curious as to whether the ’93 Phillies squad is your favorite of all time. If not, which team would it be?


Congrats to the guy who beat me to the Hamels ball by mere seconds.

Interleague does create a spark, but if you don’t have an AL counterpart in your state, the matchups tend to be strange.

Omar, I’m the guy — give Larry Shenk a call; I agree that, in this case, it would be nice if two balls were awarded.

Now that I am in New England, and still a Phillies fan (lived in Havertown before), I take great delight in taking my daughter to the Phillies/Red Sox game when they play in Boston. She’s a BoSox fan – thus, daddy loves it when the Phillies win, as it provides bragging rights.

Interleague play allows Phillies fans to see a different team. It’s good for both leagues… and the players learn something, too.


please..enough already…I love Sarge..a great player…a great person ..but you gave up Larry Anderson..onr of the best announcers in the game for MUMMBLES..he’s hard enough the first half of the game..but after that you need closed captions to know what he says..bring back Larry

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