Big Weekend Coming Up

Happy Ending
Thanks to Ryan Howard’s dramatic pinch-hit grand slam last night in Phoenix, the Phillies flight home was a happier one.  It looked bleak for the Phillies until the big guy stepped up in the seventh inning and delivered the big blow.   It certainly jump started the offense

Quote of the Day
The reason it looked so bleak for the Phillies was Randy Johnson.  He started out on fire, striking out the first six batters.  He tired in the seventh and said after the game, "I may have been the old Randy for six innings.  Then I just got old."

Day Off
After 23 straight days of playing, the Phillies have a day off today.  Baseball is a difficult game physically, but probably more mentally.  Rich Dubee said it best in Marcus Hayes’ Daily News story today, “The day off is needed, not just from the physical side, but from the mental side.  Just to get away from it for 24 hours.”

Trip Numbers
Howard had the most HR (3) and RBI (11) . . . Shane Victorino, most runs (10) and steals (7) . . . Abraham Nunez, batting average (.409) . . . Jimmy Rollins, hits (14) . . . Pat Burrell, walks (11) . . . Cole Hamels, wins (2) . . . Brett Myers, saves (3).

No Picnic Games
It doesn’t get any easier for the Phillies who start a 10-game homestand tomorrow night against the Cubs.  They are the second-hottest team in the NL.  The hottest?  Milwaukee.  The Brewers follow the Cubs into Citizens Bank Park for four games starting on Monday night.  Someone once said there are no picnic games in a baseball season. 

Big Numbers
Ticket sales indicate a 120,000 weekend against the Cubs. 

Minor Change
FOX has changed the starting time of Saturday’s national telecast from 3:55 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.  Kenny Albert and Tim McCarver will be here in the booth. 

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