Sizzling Shane

May 7, 2007, 7:15 p.m. EDT

Starting Lineup

Rollins, ss; Victorino, rf; Utley, 2b; Burrell, lf; Rowand, cf; Helms, 1b; Nunez, 3b; Ruiz, c; Garcia, p.

Stay HotVictorino653sm
Shane Victorino had a blistering four-game series in SF, .588 (10-17) with one double, one home run, 4 RBI, seven runs, six steals, one home plate collision and one base path collision.  “You’ve got to stay hot when you’re hot,” he told the Inquirer’s Todd Zolecki this morning. 

The sizzling weekend boosted his average from .255 to .304. 

On the base path collision, Shane originally was charged with a caught stealing.  The official scorer today took that CS away from him.

Elias Sports Bureau today notified both teams: After a discussion with official scorer David Bush and in accordance with the scoring rules, the following correction has been made in Sunday’s (5/6) Phillies-Giants:

Phillies 5th — Victorino is no longer charged with being caught stealing after being picked off, caught in a rundown between first and second base, and awarded second base due to the obstruction error charged to SS Omar Vizquel.  This is covered on page 102 of the 2007 Official Baseball Rules.

This means Shane has stolen 11 consecutive bases since being caught April 12 at Shea Stadium.  Thanks to his pace, the Phillies now trail the Mets in steals by only one, 31-30.

Howard Question
Last week a reader posted a comment about Howard’s slow first month.  “This year he resembles a lineman more than a tight end.  Is there a difference in weight from last year?”

Weight isn’t the issue.  Wait might be closer to the issue, as he’s been a bit anxious at the plate.  He’s also still bothered with a left thigh strain from early spring training and the April 18 sprained left knee.  Howard commented in Marcus Hayes’ Daily News story today: “The knee improves daily.  The thigh nags.”

My Goof
Pastor Scott, a reader, was kind enough to let me know: “Now a 121-year-old son IS news!”   Yes, that would be news.  I was referring to Ricky Jordan’s son who was at the game yesterday and I had him as a 121-year-old.  I was only off by 109 years.  Just goes to prove I’m a lousy proof reader. 

Another Debut
For those fans living in the Philly area, the Phillies Ballgirls Softball team will make its debut at 6:30 tonight, playing radio station B101 at Hagys Mill Road Sports Complex in Roxborough. 

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