A ballplayer's life

You wake up on a sunny Monday morning in Clearwater and when the 1:05 afternoon game starts, you learn you are no longer a Phillie.

Such is the life of a ballplayer, in this case, 25-year-old right-handed pitcher Justin Germano.  Assistant General Manager Ruben Amaro visited Germano in the clubhouse as the game got underway to inform him he was claimed on waivers.  “Ruben told me I was going back to my old club,” said Germano.

Justin, who came to the Phillies last July from Cincinnati in exchange for Rheal Cormier, thought Ruben meant the Reds.  He then learned it was San Diego, the club that originally drafted him in the summer of 2000.

Germano was out of waivers, meaning the Phillies had to ask waivers on him before they could assign him to their minor league camp.  San Diego put in a claim.  So, instead of potentially landing on the Phillies’ AAA roster at Ottawa, Germano will be flying to Arizona tomorrow trying to land a spot on the Padres roster.

Earlier in the morning, the Phillies cut five other players, all going to the minor league camp next door.  Ken Mandel has the details on this website.

Those five will still sleep and wake up in Clearwater.  Germano will sleep in Clearwater one more night and then head for Arizona. 

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