Stay tuned

Two weeks from tomorrow, the Phillies open the season.  Who will be on the field that day?  A lot of those answers will be made between now and then.

Oh, don’t panic, Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Brett Myers, and many other, will be there on April 2.

Bench positions and bullpen depth are the areas that will require decision-making. 

Pat Gillick would like to add some depth to the back end of the bullpen.  That commodity is rare.  There was an article in the St. Petersburg Times this morning stating the Devil Rays are looking for bullpen help and the market is scarce.

Gillick has a battery of scouts spread throughout spring training.  Some are on the east coast of Florida, others are on the west coast and yet another batch is in Arizona.

He’ll be holding numerous conference calls with the scouts over the next couple of weeks to receive updates on who might be available.  It won’t be easy but Pat’s willing to pull the trigger and gamble when the right occasion arises.

Stay tuned.

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