Spring cleaning

While Charlie Manuel’s team is in Clearwater getting ready for the 2007 season, there’s another team busy at work back in Philly at Citizens Bank Park.

The gates will open on Friday, March 30, for the first of a two-game, weekend On-Deck Series set against the Boston Red Sox, 7:05 that night and 1:05 the next afternoon.  It all starts for real at 1:05 on Monday afternoon, against the Atlanta Braves at Citizens Bank Park.

Before the gates open two weeks from today, there is plenty to be done waking the park from a long winter’s nap.

Every sprinkler system in the park will be cleaned, bird netting will be installed in a couple more areas, carpenters will be checking the ceilings, flooring and wainscoting in the various Suites, electricians will be working on neon ad signs, plumbers are well into de-winterization, gas and electric is being turned on in the concessions stands and Frank the Painter will be working on paint projects in several areas. 

Eventually, the cleaning team will take over with high-power pressure washing and window washing. 

For some reason, this brings on goosebumps.  Can’t say the same feelings apply to spring cleaning my house.  What’s the opposite of goosebumps? Goosedumps?

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