TV on Sunday

Second road game of the spring.  Bus left Clearwater at 7:45 a.m. for the 125-mile trip to Ft. Myers and an afternoon game against the Red Sox.

Those players who were not listed on the travel roster remained at Bright House Network Field and worked out for a couple of hours on a cloudy, chilly (60 degrees) day.

Pat Gillick and Charley Kerfield, Pat’s executive assistant, went to nearby Dunedin to scout the Devil Rays and Blue Jays.  They spent Friday night at a high school baseball game in Tampa scouting one of the top amateur players in the country.   

Dallas Green, assistant to Pat, made the trip to Ft. Myers. 

The Phillies will eventually face some roster decisions and Gillick wants as many eyes as possible to see the players. 

Meanwhile at Carpenter Complex, the Phillies minor league pitchers and catchers continued their daily drills.  Position players join the drills starting Wednesday. There will be baseball activity every day at Carpenter through March 31.  Minor league games begin March 13.  There is no admission charge.

Sunday is another home game, the first spring telecast on Comcast SportsNet.  The forecast calls for 64 degrees, sunny and windy.  Not an idea spring day. It seems to be a tradition to have a chilly day for the first telecast.  Of course to those of you back in Philly 64 is better than your 44. 

The Yankees means there will be a huge number of Japanese media invading Bright House Networks Field.   

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Really enjoy all Shenk entries.
Question… It’s written that minor league games begin March 13…

Is this the Threshers? Guys trying to make the team ?

Is there a set schedule, times, etc.?

Lewistown, PA

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