Sixth straight win

Friday night…Sixth Straight Win

The buzz of Barry Bonds coming to town carrying 712 homers on his resume was very evident this day.  Over 1,700 tickets were sold after midnight Thursday, mostly on  From 4:00 pm. through the game, another 3,500 tickets were sold.  Barry received plenty of vocal noise (mostly the word boo) from the 37,269 fans but the crowd certainly behaved well, contrary to what some newspaper writers and radio talkers thought would happen. 

Additional security and a well-organized security plan were devised by the Phillies for the weekend.  In some of the security stories during the week, the Phillies said syringes would not be allowed inside Citizens Bank Park.   The Phillies received quite a few phone calls from diabetics, who were concerned because syringes are needed for their insulin shots.  Everyone with a health need was assured syringes would be allowed.

Other than a post-season game, the media turnout was the biggest for one event since 1981 when Pete Rose was going after Stan Musial’s all-time National League record at Veterans Stadium.  That game on August 10 took on other significance because it was the first game following a 55-game player strike.  Friday’s media numbers included 200 writers, radio broadcasters and TV crews plus 36 still photographers.  Toss in another 11 robotic cameras that were attached to various railings. 

During the week, the Phanatic received an e-mail from a fan suggesting the Phillies mascot wear a Babe Ruth jersey.    It was an interesting suggestion but one the organization kindly rejected.

Seven home runs were hit in the Phillies 8-3 win, but Bonds was hitless in three at-bats plus an intentional walk.  The home run parade was led by Chase Utley and Ryan Howard, each of whom hit a pair of homers: estimated at 425 feet, 418 feet, 415 feet and 428 feet.  Aaron Rowand hit the Phillies’ fifth, but it “only” traveled an estimated 396 feet.

       Early Friday morning the Phillies received a batch of authenticated baseballs that were to be used for all of Bonds’ at-bats.  Only one made it into the stands….Bobby Abreu threw it into the stands after Bonds hit a foul ball to right in his final at-bat.
       Major League Baseball also brought in some resident agents (security) from New York.  Ironically, one was named Bobby Bonds, the same name as Barry’s late father. 

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“Early Friday morning the Phillies received a batch of authenticated baseballs that were to be used for all of Bonds’ at-bats.”


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